Friday, March 26, 2010

Thrilling Adventures In Stamps presents, The Pony Express

Westerns were so popular in the Golden and Silver ages, that not even Thrilling Adventures in Stamps could overlook their appeal. So, taking a cue from the USPS' stamp commemorating the Pony Express, they cooked up the following four-page yarn drawn by Ed Goldfarb and inked by Bob Baer:

Of course, The Pony Express came and went before the American Civil War even began, so the 1870's Colt Peacemakers everyone is waving around are a little anachronistic...but not really any worse than their 1950's- vintage Hollywood Western wear.

And speaking of vintage Western wear :

I had a lot of distractions this week, so I'm going to extend this theme into next week as well. Look for upcoming posts featuring Annie Oakley, The Lone Ranger, and a short, EC yarn drawn by Jack Davis.

Happy Trails!

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