Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flash Origin Update! A Reader Spots Something Interesting!

I received an entertaining comment from Silver Age Comics blogger Pat Curley:

"Pat said... It's a minor thing, but it's always bugged me that Barry's reading Flash Comics #13, because the cover shown has no resemblance to the actual cover of that issue--for one thing, Flash Comics #13 is a Hawkman cover (Hawkman and Flash basically alternated cover appearances)."

Pat, you are HARD CORE! You're dead right, my friend. I even checked All-Flash Quarterly #13- no match there, either. In fact, I checked all the covers of Flash Comics and there were no close matches at all! That cover is pure Infantino.

Now, not to get all geeky and take this to some meta-comics level, but perhaps that cover is a cover of Flash Comics #13 exclusive to Earth 1? I mean, after all, on Earth 1, which is much like our Earth except it has superheroes and stuff, there was a Gardner Fox, much like our own Gardner Fox, except he wrote Flash comics based on visions he had in his sleep of the Flash of Earth 2. So, perhaps Earth 1 has many of our Golden Age comics, but with variant covers. Imagine the new collecting frontiers!

Man! Even I want to beat me up after that!

Nice job, Pat! you win the "no-prize"!


  1. And here I thought variant covers were an invention of the 90s!

  2. LOL, I didn't expect that response! Good excuse for the mistake (or boo-boo as Mort Weisinger used to say), you came up with, too. :)

  3. Tske a good look at Jay Garrick on that cover, he has a circle emblem on his chest too!

  4. Is Jay Garrick running across an empty plaza made up of huge square tiles, in front of a cityscape? Looks like!... THEN it's a classic Infantino cover.