Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Okay, okay, so El Dorado is not actually a Silver Age character! And yeah, that's a Valentine's Day card! But still, I can't keep posting the "Green Arrow of Mexico" every year.

If anyone is still reading this more and more infrequent blog, I have plans to try and resurrect it soon as a more regular feature. So keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!


  1. Mr. Silver Age Gold,
    I always loved your blog, and I look forward to more of your postings, so I'll keep my digits entwined until you post regularly again.
    If you don't, then let me thank you for the fun reading you've provided me over the course of your blog.

  2. I still try to check back every week or two. Of course, if the entries pick up in frequency, I'll do so more often!

  3. I only just stumbled across it, I like it, I hope to see more posts here.

  4. found the blog yesterday and browsed through all the archives. Great stuff.

  5. I was remembering this exact Valentine's Day card from my childhood today and I'm so glad you posted this! I couldn't remember who it was and I don't think I ever knew but for some reason this card was burned into my memory! Thanks for helping me solve a 25+year mystery!