Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Consider myself SCHOOLED! By My Five-Year-Old!

So this evening, we had the TV tuned in to Boomerang (I rightly thought my oldest boy would enjoy Atom Ant). I was in the kitchen talking with my wife, when the oh-so-familiar strains of the Space Ghost theme drifted in from the living room. Instantly, my 5-year-old appeared in the doorway- "DADDY! Space Ghost is on!". The Boy is no stranger to superheroes (imagine that) and has seen the entire run of Space Ghost -at least the original 1960's version-at least once.

Still, I was struck by his unbridled enthusiasm and I'm a sucker for Space Ghost, so I joined him in the living room. There, on the screen, a diminutive yet macrocephalic villain was commanding
several sinister-looking alien beasts. "Oh, look!" I said, "It's the Creature King!".

"That's not the Creature King;" said the Boy, "the Creature King is green."

"Nah, " I said "that's the Creature King. You're thinking of that bad guy on the Herculoids who's kinda like the Creature King."

Two seconds later the villain in question was referred to by name. That name was The Sorcerer.

"Oh." , I said. "It's the Sorcerer. You're right."

After a few moments contemplation the Boy spoke again. "Maybe the Sorcerer and The Creature King are friends..."

You have snatched the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper. You are now ready.


  1. Now that's how you raise a quality geek! Just wait until he starts getting good at video games.

    And, I just love how he tried to throw you a bone there at the end. I'd have been like, "I don't need your charity, Boy."

    Too funny.

  2. Jacque: Proud indeed!

    7: I can't WAIT until he gets good at video games. Then he won't have to keep making me play the tough parts of games about Nick Jr. characters.

  3. Mission Accomplished, Aaron. Mission Accomplished.

  4. Yeah ... funny how they're attracted to video games before they can really play them. Then it's a "play this for me" situation.

    It doesn't take long, though, before they decide they don't want your help. And then the next thing you know, they're completely handing you your ass at pretty much everything.

    Fun times - but too short.

  5. You see, what you should actually have done was tell him "Well done! You have spotted my deliberate mistake. The Trivia is strong within you..."

  6. Anonymous: Woulda, coulda, shoulda...

  7. Enjoy it while you can. They get old and wise much to fast. I went through the same with my two - Now they are the ones who are recommending comics, toons, films, books, and all kinds of things to there Ol' Dad.

  8. Adorable! Thank you for a great (geeky family) story. My husband sent me the link and it made me smile.