Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day.

I've been busy lately, what with Christmas and all and I haven't had much time to write much of anything for y'all, much less read anything to write about.

The Bias' had a good Christmas. My kids got loads of good stuff from us and our family and Santa. I got several original and repro Mego dolls (in case any of you ever need to shop for me) and some old superhero cartoons on DVD and a Lone Ranger DVD box set of the later, color episodes.

We arrived home this evening to find that the vintage ViewMaster reels I ordered for my wife, Amy(aka,Spectergirl) at the last minute had finally made it (hooray!)

I have no regrets. I lack for nothing. Sadly, however, no-one bought me any of the collected volumes of comics I asked for. Which means I will have to work that much harder to go through my collection of reading material and find something worth sharing, commenting on, mocking, etc.


  1. Happy boxing day (and a bit after) back at ya! I'm glad you and yours had a nice Christmas. Tell Spectorgirl that I love the viewmaster! I have one myself. Nothing looks quite as cool as a vintage cartoon on viewmastter! -- Mykal

  2. "I have no regrets. I lack for nothing." Sounds like the beginning of a manifesto. btwwtf is Superman doing to Santa on that cover? It's all about the boners. Oh...and glad you had a good Xmas.

  3. Thanks, guys. I hope you had nice Christmases as well.