Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Great Time at ComicChatcast.Com

Hey! I just wanted to say thanks to Mykal (of The Gold Key Comics blog), Jacque (of Sequential Crush) and Pat (of Silver Age Comics) for stopping by for last night's chat.

We learned that Mykal will drive 18 hours or more to score some more Gold Key comics, Jacque feels West Virginia is too far away for her to travel (even though she plans to road trip across Ohio and Pennsylvania -which will require her to traverse at least the northern panhandle of WV) and we also learned that Pat is a victim of Arizona's refusal to accept Daylight Savings Time.

Oh! and we also talked about Secret Identities. A little. Mostly about where to get comics.

I really appreciate everyone stopping by and thanks to Dave for hosting it.


  1. Aaron: That was fun! My email is radiationcinema@gmail.com. Send me your address for you know what!

  2. It was great fun and after consulting Google maps I discovered that yes we will indeed have to pass through a wee bit o' West Virginia. Silly me!

    I LOVE the Grizzly romance cover by the way! You are fantastic!

  3. Jacque: To be fair, you will only have to pass through the (very narrow) northern panhandle. Huntington, on the other hand is in the southwestern part of the Mountain State.

    Thanks for the compliment! I had fun doing the Grizzly Romance cover. For some reason, however, a weird quirk of Microsoft Paint made this project very labor intensive.

  4. Sorry I missed it especially since I pencilled it into my calendar. My life doesn't revolve around comics but I enjoy your blog and check it every day. Other things got in the way. Next time maybe. Good luck and best wishes.

  5. Whalehead King: No sweat! Stop by next time, if you get the chance.