Monday, March 22, 2010

Hangin' Tough. Tonto -Everyone's First Suspect.

These days, there's a lot of talk about the dubious practice of "Racial Profiling", the idea that an individual is a more likely suspect based on their ethnicity.

Well, this idea is certainly nothing new, as The Lone Ranger's pal, Tonto can attest:

Yep, it seems that just about everywhere he goes, somebody wants to see Tonto hanged:

In fact, I've lost track of how many episodes of the old TV show feature an angry mob trying to give Tonto a new necktie, just for coming to town. And Tonto goes to town a lot. In fact, The Ranger usually stays at their campsite and sends Tonto to get information. (I'm sure many of you have heard the old Bill Cosby bit about this).

What's funny to me, is why The Lone Ranger can't just go to town himself? It's not like anyone out there knows who John Reid is or what he looks like. There's nothing to stop the Ranger from taking off his mask and moseyin' into town to get some supplies or information.

You'd think after the first time some bunch of angry rednecks tried to hang his best friend, The Ranger would reconsider the division of labor on his team.

Sadly, no matter how many people Tonto saves, The Ranger always gets the credit. And what does Tonto get? A rope.


  1. The arrangement was always profoundly unfair and, not for nothing, extremely poorly thought out. It wasn't as if Tonto would be inconspicuous in town, gathering information on the sly. As an undercover agent, he sucked. Who would talk freely around a lone Indian, given the time and location, who had drifted into down by himself? One can only conclude that the Ranger was simply sending him into town to gauge the opposition's strength of numbers. -- Mykal

  2. Mykal: Poor Tonto. That'll teach him to save a guy's life!

  3. Ever hear of Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler? :-)

  4. LOL! "Jim seems to be having a bit of trouble with that Siberian tiger..."

  5. Yeah Life is like this, but we can not do anything to change it, the only way is to tolerate the situation, don't you believe?