Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Mom in the History of Mankind Was Ever THIS Laid-Back!

Even if Mom here is okay with Dad giving their boy a B.B. gun (and some Moms are, I hear) I really doubt she's okay with, much less thrilled about, the idea that Billy is going to be plinking away in her living room.

Also, shouting "SURPRISE!" at a kid with a gun is a bad idea.

Still, this ad is far cooler than the weird, Freudian ads Daisy was putting out in 1975:

"Power? Your new Daisy will have all you need for the fun you want. It'll be more accurate, too. Just because it feels so good and fits so right." Could this be more penis-y ? I think I'm going to put this comic back in its bag and then go take a shower.


  1. Oh man--that second one is creepy. "Talk it over with Dad, then ask him to take you down to the whorehou... er, the 'store that sells Daisy BB guns.'" Oh, the heft. And the girth.

    Btw, a BB will not bounce off a moon boot as I once thought it would. Ask my brother.

    You got that old OJ Simpson ad? "The Juice says 'Show 'em Your Heels'" You should do that one next. These old ads are great!

  2. LoneWolf: Ha! I'll have to look for that one, I'm sure I have it, somewhere. From the sound of that second Daisy ad, maybe dad should be ordering you the inflatable doll from last week's ad?

  3. damn, and here i already spent all my money on sea monkeys.

  4. Sea Monkeys make great target practice.

  5. I like how in the first ad Dad is laying down about 6 inches away from the target and shooting.
    "Dad is great!"

    uh, I think Dad needs glasses, son!

    I can just hear the parents talikng it over...
    "Well, Mrs. Oswald, what should we get our son?"
    "Mr. Oswald, I think he'd just love something he can use to kill small animals."
    "Ha! Just kidding, dear! I already got little Lee Harvey a beautiful Daisy replica bolt-action 6.5mm caliber Mannlicher-Carcano rifle!"

  6. Apocolyte: I noticed that, too. Dad is shown pitifully close to that target. He might as well throw the b.b.'s by hand.

  7. Rainy day fun for the whole family! Hell, in any household I have ever known, the family pooch or cat would have been plugged within an hour, if not the youngest sibling. -- Mykal

  8. Mykal: You'll shoot yer eye out, kid.