Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Stamps- Tales From The Post Office!

This second tale from Stamps Comics reads more like an old EC horror comic, right down to the ironic fate of its protagonist. Enjoy "Gyorgy Dozsa and the Throne of Fire", drawn by Ed Goldfarb and Inked by Bob Baer.


  1. Ghost: I loved the heck out of this story. The art was suprisingly good, and that last page (and particularily the last panel) was very, very good. I am suprised at the brutal depiction of the horrifying elements in this story! -- Mykal

  2. Mykal: I, too, was surprised by the quality of the art in this one. It's funny, I really expected Stamps comics to be lame, but it seems like Youthful Publications may have found a loophole: You can be as brutal and violent as you want if you're depicting "History". This little write-up of 16th Century Hungary has all the brutality and terror of a pre-code horror comic! And that last panel is definitely my favorite. not just the drawing, the palette works so well, I feel like I should clip it (electronically) as an example of how TO do comics art.