Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"SWEET CHRISTMAS!" Luke Cage Hits The Streets. HARD!

If you thought the Falcon was fly, hold on to your afro pick! Luke Cage (aka Power Man) -Hero for Hire, was a new direction for Black superheros. Hip, streetwise and tossing out "jive" dialog like Shaft guest-starring on Sanford and Son, Luke Cage was an absolute, Blaxploitation badass.

Debuting in his own, self-titled comic in 1972, Lucas was a young, urban black man who was wrongly convicted of a crime. While in prison, he agreed to undergo a medical experiment which accidentally gave him tough-as-steel skin and dense, super-strong muscles. Breaking out of prison, he assumed the name of "Luke Cage" and started his own business as a sort of superhuman private eye.

Very dated, but a very fun read.


  1. Hero for Hire is comic book gold. They don't know how to write 'em like this anymore.

  2. Yellow shirt Luke Cage-greatest comic hero ever! Best origin, best catch phrase, I agree with Whalehead, they don't make 'em like this anymore.