Thursday, April 1, 2010

Charlton Romance Series Cancelled in Its Prime!

One of the first comics to break the barriers of inter species dating, Grizzly Romance lasted a scant 33 issues before being cancelled.

"We really thought more people were open to the idea of, you know, bestiality..." said Charlton's then editor-in chief George Wildman. "I mean, it was the 70's, everyone was doing their own thing. Turns out, having sex with animals is illegal in, like, 25 states. Who knew?"

Perhaps more surprising was the fact that the series lasted for nearly three full years.

"Well, the sales figures were pretty good in Arkansas, West Virginia, Iowa, Mississippi, Connecticut, Maine and Alabama. We were HUGE in Alabama! After the poor sales most of those states had had when Dell Comics tried to market their new western title, Lobo, I was afraid those states wouldn't buy into something as sophisticated as Grizzly Romance, but sometimes these things just come along and surprise you!"- Wildman said.

The comics' sales took a dramatic downturn in sales after intorducing a series of romantic advice pages featuring Page Peterson.

"I don't know if that really had anything to do with it, " Wildman mused, "still, it was funny. We added Page and the sales dropped. ESPECIALLY in Alabama..."



  1. Fantastic~! It really looks like a Charlton cover~! Love the name of the boat way in the background, and the commentary is hysterical. I hope Page didn't marry a pig or a dog instead~!

  2. nice blog, i'm a silver age man myself...

  3. I still bemoan the cancellation of my beloved Grizzly Romance. I had every issue. Oh, hell yes I did! Doubles on some. That one issue (no. 30, I think) that featured Goldilocks and the Three Bears - well, suffice to say that issue was very well read. I had to buy triples on that one! -- Mykal

    Happy April Fools!

  4. Bravo.
    The awesome illustration pulled me right in.

    Kevin Patrick

  5. Lysdexicus: Thanks! I'm quite enamoured of that bear.

    Prof Grewbeard: Welcome! I'll be getting back to more Silver Age shenanigans next week.

    Mykal: "This one's too big! This one's too small! This one's JUST RIGHT!" Frederick Wertham is spinning in his grave.

    K-Pat: Thanks! All I had to work with was Microsoft Paint... took me a week.

  6. Haha, good one! (I am totally behind on blog readin' by the way!)