Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Kids! Ask Your Folks for a Razor Blade! Tell 'Em Superboy Said To!

You know, this is a fun, cool little hobby project. Of course, in 2010, it seems a little quaint and ludicrously complicated when we live surrounded by radios, TV's, The Internet and Mp3 players. But hey, back in The Silver Age, even transistor radios were cutting edge technology. Heck, disposable razors were cutting edge (no pun intended) technology!

Still, I'm a little disappointed. I mean, this is Superboy! This kid knows how to make a spectroscope from scratch! All he wants to tell us how to make is a s**ty, home-made AM radio? Hell, my Six Million Dollar Man doll had a better radio than this.

What does this article tell us? It tells us that this comic was intended to be read and enjoyed by children. When was the last time you saw something like this in a modern superhero comic? Perhaps The Punisher could show us how to make a pipe-bomb or a zip-gun?


  1. Of course these days, you'd have to take out a second mortgage to buy a spool of copper and kids would find more inventive uses for razor blades.
    hmmm. Maybe Comix ARE for kids!

  2. I am glad they added that it was for girls too!

  3. Michael: LOL. I love how you're supposed to just have an "Ear piece" lying around the house. It's not even on the supplies list. Also, these days if you go into a Radio Shack store you won't find any of these radio parts, just cell phones and a/v equipment.

    Jaque: Yes, such a relief that it's not just for "fellers".