Friday, September 25, 2009

Because You Demanded It, SPEEDY! Teen Titans #4

I've been a fan of Green Arrow ever since I was five and I saw him on the Super-Friends. So it struck me as odd and kind of insulting that Speedy wasn't in the teen Titans from the beginning. It must have struck the readers that way, too, since "The avalanche of mail reached from the street to the seventh floor, we decided we'd better give you hungry hordes of Teen Titans fans what you're screaming for... SPEEDY!".

Speedy gets involved unceremoniously when someone clumsily tries to switch an explosive arrow for the arrow Speedy is supposed to use in some exhibition shooting at the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

The Titans are soon involved in a double plot. One, a plan to disrupt the Olympics by the agents of an organization calling itself "Diablo" the other, an amazing athlete who feels so pressured by his father's need for vicarious fulfillment that he can't compete.

It's great to see Speedy take his place among the other kid sidekicks in the "junior Justice League", but puzzling why- after all the demands of the readers- he doesn't even show up in Teen Titans again until issue #11.

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