Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Night Car Show! Sweet Custom Rides of the Silver Age.

If you thought having an awesome superhero hangout was important (see Silver Age Man-Caves article) try having any superhero street cred without a cool, customized car. Heck, Some Supervillains even have custom cars. Check out the following examples of automotive badassery:

#1, The Batmobile. Often imitated but never duplicated, Batman's ride is a suped-up, crime-fighting machine. It features a bat-tering ram and a mobile crime lab. And I'm sure that big, honkin' fin doesn't create any drag. This is the crime fighting car for a world where gas is $0.27 a gallon! Yep, when Batman unveiled this baby, EVERYONE had to have one...

#2, The Robinmobile? Look, I know Bruce Wayne is rich, but this is just spoiling the kid.

#3, The Jokermobile. Obviously, The Joker was a little jealous of Batman's cool car and decided to try and one-up him. He failed.

#4,The Arrow Car. Green Arrow clearly has his own shtick. The whole Robin Hood, trick arrows thingy is definitely unique. However, as seen by the previously reviewed "Arrow-Cave" GA was never much of an innovator in any other aspects of his career. The Arrow Car does have a really swell catapult feature, though, that allows the Green Arrow and Speedy to be launched at their foes. And it has a big fin so it looks a little like an arrow. Not a green arrow, but an arrow, nonetheless.

#5, Lex Luthor's Jetmobile. If you though the Batmobile guzzled gas, imagine what kinda crappy mileage this baby gets. I think he only used it this once, too. Of course this was back when Lex was a mad scientist, not a Wall Street tycoon. Clearly his money-management skills improved.

#6, The Fantasti-car Mk1. (aka the Flying Bathtub) It's not just the DC Superheroes who need a cool car. The FF apparently felt that their dysfunctional family dynamic would benefit from a family car. Of course, it's a family car that splits into four separate parts, so when the Thing starts kickin' the back of your seat, you can just jettison him.

#7, last but not least the, um, Aqua-truck? Not to be outdone by his fellow JLA members, Aquaman has a truck. Filled with fish. *sigh* I miss the silver age.

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