Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just how out of touch WERE comics writers in the Silver Age?? Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #79

Wow! Who knew that one man with no previous indications of musical ability could start a one-man Beatle craze in 1000 B.C. .. and with just a tom-tom and a ram's horn, no less.

I get the feeling that the writer of this tale looked at the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show (because his daughter wouldn't let him change the channel after Topo Gigio was done.) and saw nothing but four long-haired freaks who made way too much racket.

So, anyway, Jimmy is hanging out at his apartment, enjoying the Beatles and his own, personal Beatle wig, when a guy from the 30th century shows up and asks him for help. Since Jimmy knows the Legion of Superheroes as well as he knows his pal Superman, this doesn't seem weird. (Heck, over the years, Jimmy WAS a legion of superheroes: Elastic Lad, Colossal Boy, FLame Bird... but I digress.) Tunrs out, however, that this visitor from the future was a criminal who needed help flying his stolen timeship, and he's decided to hide out in 1,000 B.C. and ditch Jimmy there.

Never fear, though, Jimmy attracts more superheroes than Green Arrow has illegitimate children. In no time, Jimmy has hooked up with "Mighty Lad" who wears a turban to diguise his secret identity. He even has a secret hideout with a trophy room, etc.

It's while trying to make some eating money that Jimmy throws the time-space continuum to the wind and starts his Beatle craze.

I'm not giving away any more, you'll just have to track this one down for yourself. But suffice it to say that there's no such thing as a problem that Superman won't bail Jimmy out of.


  1. "...that there's no such thing as a problem that Superman won't bail Jimmy out of."

    I'd love to see a "Vertigo" style take on these stories..."Horrible Hangover of the Super Binge Drinkers", or "Superman's Transvestite Pal, Jemmy Olsen" XD

  2. "Superman's Transvestite Pal, Jemmy Olsen" ... Didn't Grant Morrison already write that one?