Monday, September 21, 2009

TEEN TITANS WEEK. Man! Adults are SO SQUARE! Brave and the Bold #54

Back before the Teen Titans were the faux-anime darlings of Cartoon Network. Back before they were a bunch of troubled, brooding young people trying desperately to be DC's answer to the "new" X-Men, The Teen Titans were simply a team of superhero sidekicks.

Seen here in their Debut in Brave and the Bold #54, the Titans (who haven't even named their team yet) consist of Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad. The Boys are summoned to the small town of Hatton Corners by the town's teenagers, who somehow think their presence will help persuade the town's adults to build them a new teen clubhouse. Upon arriving at the meeting (much to the chagrin of their stuffy, adult superhero counterparts), The Titans discover that the town's teens are all missing.

The town adults give the Titans a note which explains: "All us cats decided to skip. Until Adults to the music get hip! Build a new clubhouse! Hatton Corners Teens". Robin, ace detective that he is immediately spots the note as a forgery. After all "No teen-ager would use the word music in a hip language message...they'd use 'jive'!". Even more mysterious, the former teen clubhouse was flattened to the ground, as though by the force of terrific winds.

After a little digging, the boys encounter a costumed villain, calling himself "Mister Twister". Mister Twister wears Colonial dress, complete with tricorner hat and tops it all off with a cape made of passenger pigeon feathers and a Native American medicine staff. Mr. Twister has an axe to grind with Hatton Corners. Seems one of his ancestors leased the land the town sits on for the annual price of one passenger pigeon feather, ad infinitum. Problem is, the passenger pigeon is extinct. When Mister Twister, aka Brom Stikk discovered the original agreement, he wanted to be paid his back rent or the default, which was one of the town's youths to serve him for a year for every year of forfeit. When the town laughed at him, Stikk used his magical powers to spirit away the town's teens to build a monument to his greatness.

Okay. First. "Mister Twister"? I mean, he makes tornadoes, so it's not the WORST villain name. His look is kind of all over the place though. Also, I think we had a guy a few years back who called himself Mister Twister who kept getting arrested for feeding parking meters just ahead of the meter maid. He wore a clown suit.

Second. Did Mr. Twister really think he was going to get those feathers? He approaches the town council like they're just made of extinct bird feathers. I think he was angling for the kids the whole time. It reminds me of that issue of Uncle Scrooge with the barrel of horseradish... but that's a story for another day.

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