Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dig that Way-out sound! Showcase #59

In this, the third appearance of the Teen Titans, the feature is settling in to a pattern of Teens Vs. Adults. In their second appearance (which I have skipped) the Teen Titans gained (with no fanfare or explanation) a fourth member- Wonder Girl.

This issue sees the Titans trying to clear the name of the hottest new teen rock group- The Flipz. The Flipz are a musical trio. Although only one of them seems to have an instrument- an acoustic guitar. Apart from that, their act seems to consist of a guy who rides a motorcycle up walls, a guy on a jet-propelled surfboard, and a girl with a majorette's baton. I'm really not sure if they are a band, or a super hero team. Maybe they could have been both, like the Impossibles.

Anyway, teens love these guys. And, when evidence seems to point to The Flipz as the perpetrators of a series of robberies, the teenagers of one town become so concerned they send for the Teen Titans.

The Flipz are then seen to perpetrate more crimes whilst right under the watchful eye of the Teen Titans themselves, even outwitting the young superteam in a dramatic chase sequence.

Now maybe it's because I'm an adult and therefore a square, but I don't get the appeal of this musical act. As I mentioned previously, they only seem to have one musical instrument between them. And their big , hit song is all about them. Also, the writers of Teen Titans like to throw around hip, surfer lingo, like "goofy footin' " and "Big, green wall". I'm not even sure they know what surfing goofy-footed is. Frankly, if they WERE a huge musical success, maybe Jimmy Olsen COULD have been the "Red-Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.

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