Friday, September 11, 2009

Lightning Never Strikes Twice. NEVER! Or does it ?

Back in the old days, most of your big-name heroes had kid sidekicks. Batman had Robin, Green Arrow had Speedy, Aquaman had Aqualad, Wonder Woman had Wonder Girl, Superman had his dirty little secret, Supergirl... You get the idea. Well, folks, The Flash was no exception.

No sir, ol' Barry Allen wasn't gonna get left behind just because he was a working stiff Police scientist and not a wealthy playboy with an adopted ward. Barry Allen was going places. Fast. So Barry borrows his girlfriend's little brother and takes him to show him around the police lab. ( clearly it was "change-to-your-secret-identity-and-take-your-girlfriend's-brother-to-work-day".) The crazy part is, just as The Flash is explaining how he was standing by a shelf full of chemicals when he was struck by lightning, thereby granting him the power of super-speed, Lo and Behold! The same thing happens again, only this time to little Wally West!

(I love how he thinks of Barry Allen in the third person. Once they put on a costume, it's like they suffer some sort of personality displacement or something)

Now, suspension of disbelief is a prerequisite when reading any superhero comic, but COME ON!! You're telling me that lightning just happened to strike the police lab, through the same window again? And happened to knock over the same shelf of random chemicals, bathing another person with just the right combo to cause super-speed AGAIN? And I don't want to hear any retcon BS about the "Speed Force" causing it to happen... That's just lame.

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