Monday, January 25, 2010

If Nobody Told You He was Blind, This Costume Would have Made you Suspect It.

Let me start here by saying that I am not a big fan of pointless costume makeovers. I prefer Spidey in red and blue (or red and black w/ blue highlights), I like Batman to have trunks over his tights, heck, I even prefer the big, Michelin Man style Iron Man costume. But I have to say when Wally Wood made over Daredevil's suit, it was a no-brainer.

Meaning no disrespect to Bill Everett- the guy invented the Sub-Mariner fer cryin' out loud- and I know that red and yellow look great together (Captain Marvel, Flash, Speedy, Johnny Quick, Judo Master...) but the monochrome red suit looks so much sharper.

And frankly, it makes so much more sense. I mean, it was one thing to name the guy "Daredevil". That just means he's a risk-taker. It's a whole other ball of wax to decide he wears a devil costume AND THEN NOT MAKE IT RED.

Unless your devil-themed hero is the mascot for Duke, red is always the color of devils. I know it, you know it, Hell, even Daffy Duck knows it. So, two issues after Wally Wood took over the art chores for Daredevil, he updated his look with the now-familiar costume:

Ironically, Everett was off the book by the time his new co-creation, Daredevil battled his most famous creation, The Sub-Mariner!

And that suit is so iconic, it's barely changed in 40+years.


  1. Aaron: I don't think any hero suit in comics history is quit as wince-inducing as the yellow and red Daredevil outfit. Just makes you wanna say "ouch." That red suit is just so perfecto.

    Dude, you prefer the original Iron Man suit? Now, that's hardcore silver! Even I, who do little else but hearken back to the good old days, prefer the newer - any newer - version to the tin can. Although, I will admit, in the recent movie, that suit had a certain blunt power. -- Mykal

  2. Aaron, you are so right about that red Daredevil suit. Interesting that this is Wood's ultimate legacy with Marvel comics. But your so right, the red suit for Daredevil is perfect. Everett is one of my all-time fave artists, not for Submariner so much as for his horror/fantasy work in the 50's, but as Mykal pointed out, there is something visually unappealing about the yellow and red suit. It looks like a guy in long underwear and a vest!
    Nice stuff!Thanks!

  3. I always wished Iron Man had stayed with something akin to his original suit because it looked like actual armour. When he went to the golden metal sheen leotard, my suspension of disbelief snapped. It no longer looked like anything an engineer could build. We could see his muscle definition as clearly as with Spider-Man's or Daredevil's long johns! But, apparently that was thick enough "armour" to withstand missiles and Hulk punches. Most especially, whenever Tony Stark cannabilized the suit for circuits and parts, I only shake my head as to where they're being kept.

  4. Mykal:- I really like the visual appeal of the red and yellow Iron Man armor as a costume, but I really think the gray, tin can armor says "Iron Man".

    Apocolyte: I love Everett's Zombie.

    Blaze: yeah, as pretty as Iron Man's red/yellow suit is, it just felt too much like tights.

  5. Most superhero costumes are tacky, imo--especially The Vision's. I loved the ghost-looking Vision they had for a while (I don't know what he's wearing now). I got a kick out of this one issue of "What The?" (Marvel's former humor comic) that showed the similarities between that version of The Vision and Scarlet Witch and Harvey's Casper and Wendy.

  6. How do you feel about Supergirl's costume change in the '70s? I personally have always loved Hawkman's getup.

  7. LoneWolf: The Vision's multi-color costume IS tacky. So was the Golden-Age Green Lantern's. Ha! I loved that "What The?"

    Jacque: Do you mean the V-neck blouse and hot pants with slippers? Man, that was a dated look. I still dig it, though. It's what she looked like when I was little. It's how she appears on my Pepsi Glass and what she wears as a Mego. :)

    As to Hawkman, I always find it visually appealing, but when I stop to think about it, I wonder where he left his shirt (presumably Thanagar).