Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Judo Master- What's Up With the Pony Tail?

I mean, seriously. Why the pony tail? Oh, sure, I know it's a tassel or a plume or something but being yellow, it just looks like you're wearing your flowing, blonde hair in a ponytail. Maybe you could trade in your pants and slippers for a poodle skirt and bobby-socks; listen to some Sinatra records after school and then head to the malt shop. I think you know where this is going.

And before anyone tries to tell me it's a Japanese thing, don't bother. I'm not buying it. Just because the Sumo Wrestler in the background has a ponytail instead of the proper Sumo bun hairdo doesn't let you off the hook, Judo Master.

Maybe that's why you became a master of the martial arts, to fend off all the beatings you got for that sissy-ass pony tail?

Get a haircut, you hippie.


  1. Damn, man--that's pretty harsh.

    Didn't The Shrike or somebody have one of those? (I'm going by old-ass Todd McFarlane high school memories)

    Haha--my word verification is "hoamp"

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