Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Green Arrow's Arrows. A Quiver full of Whoop-Ass.

Green Arrow isn't just some tool in a Robin Hood costume, you know. He's also a member of that peculiar species of superhero known as a "gadgeteer". GA custom makes his own special, trick arrows, loaded with devices to help him in his never-ending battle against crime.

Here are a few examples:

#1. The Boxing Glove Arrow. Possibly the most iconic of GA's arrows, the Boxing glove arrow is just what is sounds like- an arrow with a big-ass boxing glove on the end of it. Maybe GA didn't know you could buy blunt-tipped arrows (used for squirrels) when he whipped this bad boy up. Whatever, it's a very memorable and cool trick arrow.

#2. The Boomerang Arrow. If you thought the Boxing Glove Arrow was aerodynamically improbable, try an arrow with a boomerang mounted on the end, that somehow manages to actually circle and return in flight.

#3. The Handcuff Arrow. An arrow with a pair of rigid handcuffs at the end. Which is VERY effective. Providing, of course, that your foe is willing to hold his wrists above his head about five inches apart and hold very still.

#4. The Drill Arrow. An arrow with-you guessed it- a motorized drill bit on the end.

#5. The Bolas Arrow. An arrow with a bolas that unfurls when it's fired. Used to entangle the legs of fleeing foes.

#6. The Jet Arrow. An arrow with a small jet engine in it. I don't really know why.

#7. The Antler Arrow. An arrow with a full-sized pair of moose antlers on it. Just in case you run into a moose in heat. If you thought the Boxing Glove arrow would be hard to fit in a quiver, try putting away an arrow with a full sized rack of moose antlers.

#8. The Buzz-Saw Arrow. Just in case you need to wantonly destroy nature.

#9. The Radio Arrow. When you really need someone within bowshot to talk to you via walkie-talkie.

#10. The Chimney Sweep Arrow. Speedy used this one to make a little extra dough to supplement his allowance. Isn't his guardian a millionaire? It's this kind of neglect that lead to Speedy's heroin problem.

#11. The Needle Arrow. (Insert Speedy's heroin problem joke here) Just in case you need to sew something really big together at a distance.

#12. The Mummy Arrow. It's head looks like a miniature Egyptian Sarcophagus. It wraps bad guys up like... well... a mummy.

Sometimes, it's like the writers were challenging each other to use the least likely things on the end of an arrow and still make it work in a story.


  1. This illustrates the beauty of the Silver Age (and Golden Age, for that matter):

    These comics were written for kids. And, as I recall, most kids prior to about the 1970s were willing to suspend the hell out of all manner of disbelief, if the concept was just too cool not to buy into it!


  2. i'd like to order 2 boxing glove arrows and 1 mummy arrow. would make parenting so much easier.