Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Salute to Gentleman Ghost

Hawkman isn't exactly known for his great rogues gallery of villains (sadly, these days, Hawkman is mostly known for being confusing, constantly revised and cancelled.) but, nevertheless, I think one of Hawkman's baddies is absolutely awesome: Gentleman Ghost!

He's so SPOOKY!

"What's so great about Gentleman Ghost? ", you might ask. Go ahead, ask. I'll wait. What's so great about Gentleman Ghost is this: He's a freakin' GHOST!

Take a look around the comics world. Most of the bad guys with ghost in their names have some sort of ghostly powers. They can walk through walls or become invisible, etc. But that's just their villain schtick. This guy is a ghost. The ghost of a criminal ("Gentleman" Jim Craddock) who was hanged by a past life version of Hawkman (That may be retconned; who can tell any more where Hawkman is concerned? It's still cool, though.) and now does everything he can to make life miserable for the Winged Wonder.

He's also the only Golden Age Hawkman villain to have been on both Batman: The Brave and the Bold AND the Super-Friends!


  1. my brother was hawkman for halloween last year. pretty cool.

  2. p.s. his wife was hawkgirl. also at the party - abir dressed as sarcastro - most excellent.

  3. PJ: I require pictures of your brother as Hawkman.

  4. sent through fb, let me know if it worked. enjoy!