Thursday, October 8, 2009

Riddle Me This- How Smart is The Riddler, Really?

So let's say you're a smartass with criminal tendencies who loves puzzles, riddles, games, crosswords, cryptoquips and even occasionally doing the Jumble in the local paper. So, you decide to launch a career as a super criminal. Now, first of all, being a super criminal is a losing proposition anyway. Any good crook knows the key to continued success is in NOT letting anyone know that YOU committed a crime. But, you have a huge ego, so you decide the costumed, attention-getting criminal career is right up your alley.

But then, you're not content to just commit riddle-themed crimes or steal Fabrege jigsaw puzzles or something. No, you want EVERYBODY to know that you're smarter than Batman. With me so far? Good, 'cause here's where this all goes south.

It's one thing to simply commit crimes and outwit Batman. That would be hard enough to do that word would surely get around and everyone would know you were clever. No, the Ridller's problem is that he wants to prove he can beat Batman, EVEN IF HE TELLS HIM WHAT HE'S GOING TO DO.

Let's back up a moment. Within the context of Batman's fictional world, the Caped Crusader is THE WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE. So, he's already smart enough to figure out where most bad guys are going to strike next by act two in just about every story. But to actually feed the guy clues...

I'm not sure how you get to be one of the most famous super crooks by announcing where you're going to strike next.

There's a reason why The Joker, not The Riddler is Batman's #1 foe.

"Turn your head and cough, Batman"


  1. Hey, it works for Arsène Lupin!ène_Lupin


  2. I always loved how much guts this guy had. To outwit Batman (or try), AND leave him such blatant clues...

    Al Bigley