Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never Fear, the MONSTERS are here!

I don't have these and have never read them. But boy do I WANT to!

In 1966 Dell Comics thought it would be a great idea to do a line of superhero comics based on the old Universal monster movies. Apparently, they were wrong as none of these comics lasted more than 3 issues (although Dracula and Frankenstein were each numbered 2 through 4 as Dell treated their previously published movie adaptions of Dracula and Frankenstein as #1 for each series).

Dracula is the medical-researcher descendant of Count Dracula who accidentally gives himself bat-like superpowers while working on a cure for brain damage.

And speaking of brain damage, Frankenstein is- well, he's Frankenstein. More or less. When he's not fighting crime with the strength of 50 men, he puts on a rubber mask and poses as millionaire playboy Frank Stone.

Werewolf is the least exciting. He's just some secret agent who lived with wolves for a while. Oh! and he can change his features.

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  1. I remember buying the Dracula and Frankesntein ones and the thing that hit me then, and I never forgot, these ocmics were: WORSE. COMICS. EVER!