Monday, October 5, 2009

Sinestro. Why the #$@! Is He Right-Handed? a rant

Okay. This is nit-picky. Even for me. But come ON folks, the guy's name is Sinestro. Clearly derived from sinister. And if you didn't know the origins of sinsister, here's Meriam Webster's take on it:

Main Entry: sin·is·ter
Pronunciation: \ˈsi-nəs-tər, archaic sə-ˈnis-\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English sinistre, from Anglo-French senestre on the left, from Latin sinistr-, sinister on the left side, unlucky, inauspicious

Yep, that's right, sinister means "on the left side". I mean, you go to all the trouble to name a guy whose super powers come from his power ring Sinestro, you think you would've thought to add a little pinch of extra flavor and have him wear his power ring on his left.

I dunno, maybe John Broom intended Sinestro to be a south paw and Gil Kane didn't catch it. I really have no idea. Also, no matter how many Green Lantern comics I read, I still don't get how GL can beat Sinestro in a straight-forward ring fight. Green Lantern's ring (as mentioned in a previous, time-wasting rant) is powerless against anything yellow. Sinestro's ring and the constructs it makes are yellow. I don't care how cool Hal Jordan is, that's like having a superpower where you're magnetic, and your bad guy wears plastic armor.

Anyway, Sinestro should be a lefty.

'Nuff Said.


  1. as a former latin diva, i have to agree.

  2. I agree. Sinestro needs to be left-handed.

  3. Hear, hear!

    I also find it odd that Sinestro himself is kind of Magenta ... which would be a more realistic color to oppose GL anyway. (As you mentioned in your previous rant, and many conversations in the past.)


  4. My spellchecker once offered MINISTRONE as a correct spelling of SINESTRO.

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