Friday, October 30, 2009

Jimmy Olsen as "The Wolf-Man of Metropolis!" Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #44

I guess it was no real surprise how this happened. I mean, you leave an ancient, werewolf potion around where Jimmy can get to it and you know he's gonna drink it. Yeesh!

Best part is, Jimmy is turned into a wolf-man and the only cure is a kiss from a pretty girl. While he's a wolf-man. Good luck, Jimmy. That's a tall order for Jimmy, even if he wasn't a wolf-man. That bow tie alone has to repel chicks like mad.

Jimmy even tries offering a girl in the park money in exchange for a kiss. Yeah, I bet that's not the first time.

Luckily, Jimmy is Superman's Pal. The Man of Steel does Jimmy a solid and gets Supergirl to give him a little smooch. Of course, the kiss has to happen in the dark, since nobody knows there IS a Supergirl yet (I'll explain that one next week). It would have been far kinder to put a lead blindfold on Supergirl.

Of course, once you've kissed the Maid of Might, you're ruined for all others.

On a side note: How come any story on TV (I'm looking at YOU, Dark Shadows)or in comics where someone gets cursed to be a werewolf, the moon is full for like weeks on end? I mean, doesn't everybody know the full moon only lasts three days? Heck, technically it's only really full on day 2 of that.


  1. Not just any wolfman potion; it's "YE Wolfman Potion" (complete with "YE ANTIDOTE" conveniently included in the active ingredients label). I bet Jimmy wishes Ye Antidote was a willing kiss from Superman instead though.

    That bottom panel is disturbing--Jimmy looks simultaneously bored and date-rapisterish at the same time.

    Btw, where can I find a chick like that? Her only criteria being that you can't currently be a wolfman.

  2. Oh man--and I just noticed that she's actually complaining because he's only giving her a peck on the cheek. Diggity!

  3. Great Job!

    I covered this and other bits of JO silliness on my blog! Link below!

    Check it out!

    Al Bigley

  4. This wouldn't be the last time Jimmy would be a wolf-man. In Super Friends #28, Jimmy was a wolf-man for a costume party crashed by Felix Faust. Apparently, it was the same deal. He had to be kissed by a pretty girl in order to change back. In this case, it was Jayna who gave Jimmy a peck on the cheek to restore him.

    Since then, no one at DC has seen fit to try this angle again, even with all the revivals of classic horror characters. Go figure!